Please take a look at these great new posters released by UPGro.

Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor is a seven year international research programme funded by DfID, NERC and ESRC. UPGro’s knowledge broker team recently released four brand new posters on groundwater and boreholes in Africa to raise awareness of African groundwater issues among a wide audience of decision-makers and practitioners to start conversations that lead to interest and uptake of UPGro research.

These informative and vibrant posters are free for download and available in English & French, please use the following links and share them within your own networks:

– Making boreholes to last / La realisation de forages de longue durée
– Keeping boreholes working / Le maintien du bon fonctionnement des forages
– Groundwater in Africa / L’eau souterraine en Afrique
– Groundwater in African cities / L’eau souterraine dans les villes Africaines

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