BRAVE Presents at MOLE XXVIII Conference, Accra, Ghana

Shani Haruna

The BRAVE project participated in the MOLE Conference, held at the Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana, October 2-6.  It was the 28th conference of the MOLE series of conferences. The theme of the conference was “Ghana’s Lower Middle-Income Status: Implications for Sustainable WASH Services Delivery”.  An annual event organised by the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS), it brings together participants from Ghana, West Africa and abroad to deliberate on issues affecting the water sector in Ghana. Participants come from different backgrounds including NGOs, CSOs, ministries, government agencies and academia.

At this year’s edition of the conference, the BRAVE project in collaboration with project partner, IRC, organised a side event at the MOLE Conference. The IRC/BRAVE side event was organised on Day 3 of the conference, Thursday October 5, 2017. There were also two different presentations on the IRC/BRAVE side event.  The BRAVE/IRC Side Event focused on demonstrating the use of climate information within the agriculture sectors and understanding the impacts of climate variability on groundwater resources.

The first presentation was on MSWR/CWSA Inducement Prize-An Opportunity for Private Sector Investments in Sanitation Services Delivery in MMDAs” This was convened by IRC, Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR), and Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA). The presentation centred on an award scheme the Ministry has initiated to attract private sector investments in the sanitation projects in various MMDAs in Northern Ghana, which is less served as compared to other parts of the country. The presenter talked about criteria for participation in the award scheme, and expectations and rewards for investors who invest in sanitation facilities in various MMDAs less served areas of the country.

The second presentation featured the BRAVE Project,Reducing the Vulnerability of rural smallholder farmers to impacts of climate variability and change on groundwater resources in Sub-Saharan Africa.  An overview of the BRAVE project was presented to the  participants. The presentation touched on background to the project, the project objectives, project partners, project locations and questions for discussions after the presentation. It was presented by Shani Haruna (BRAVE Researcher at Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana). The presentation was followed by a question and answer and discussion session.

Shani Haruna presenting at the MOLE Conference

Relevant Power Point Slides from Presenters:
District based initiative for SDG6 building country systems, leveraging partnerships
District based initiative for SDG6- From a planning and process perspective in Asutifi North District in Ghana_IRC
ESPA MOLE Presentation
Ghana: Middle Income by name but not in WASH Practice
Enhancing Private Sector Involvement for WASH Sustainability_SNV
Attracting Financing for SDGS: The role of small water enterprises_SWN

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